My journey towards a more eco-friendly & ethical wardrobe

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The shameful past

Before becoming a parent, I had little to no interest in eco-friendly textiles and how ethical my clothes were. My garment choices were primarily based on design and sometimes based on price. I rarely read the clothing label, except for (some) home clothes, expensive pullovers and sockets.

Most of my…

Grevele de climă de săptămâna trecută din România au fost infime și denotă lipsa de interes general al populației legat de acest subiect

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Pe 20 septembrie 2019, peste 4 milioane de oameni din peste 150 țări s-au adunat la nivel mondial sub egida #ClimateStrike (greva globală de climă), pentru a protesta împotriva încălzirii globale și a măsurilor insuficiente luate de guvernele lumii pentru a opri sau încetini acest proces.

Grevele pentru climă au…

After I realised my mental model of storing clothes can’t fit a commercial closet, I decided to design my own closet.

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“Hmm, what should I wear today? I have no idea… And this closet doesn’t make my choice easier” — a daily dilemma for me (and for others) in the morning.

It took me several attempts to re-arrange my wardrobe (so that I won’t wonder every morning what to wear), before…

Sonia Frâncu

UX specialist, volunteer for open source & civic projects. I believe in reading with a highlighter in my hand.

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